Mission of Female Flame

Female Flame started in 2021. Because as a woman you know there is more to your life. By gathering more about spirituality and actually following a spiritual path you will live your life to the fullest. Female Flame will provide you with inspiring articles, and organise retreats. With Plant Medicine to help you take that leap towards a beautiful life ❤️

Message from the Founder

Writing, surfing, being in nature, coaching, laughing with friends and family. That’s what I love. This is my love. 

Born and raised in the Netherlands with a passion for writing, and currently living in Portugal. The road towards this flow was not always easy. I’d believe this life can and is for everyone, but we do have to do “the work” or whatever you call it.

Life is a Ceremony

When I did the mother of all plants, I saw that there is much more power and fire in women. I already knew that, but now it dawned on me. We as women – including myself – don’t show enough of our true power. Plant medicine, and so many other things that I have done over the years have brought me to who I am today. It gave me the power I was looking and longing for.

I want you to experience the same thing, but I could never find a retreat that had a lot of the things I loved myself and in a beautiful spot as well. That is why I organise my own retreat. I want you to know what I know: what took me years, you will discover, feel, deep-dive into a magical week.

What can be more beautiful than to share what we have? Together we create the flow that makes us all grow. We truly meet each other in a space of love and connection. It is a moment for yourself. To listen. To hear. And to be present in the moment.  

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6 lessons I have learned from travelling 14 months around the world

6 lessons I have learned from travelling 14 months around the world

6 lessons I have learned from travelling 14 months around the worldI used to think it was nonsense that people could learn from travelling, but that's a lie. I have learnt about myself and the world more through travel than anything else. I travelled for fourteen...

My Spiritual Awaking

My Spiritual Awaking

I wasn’t aware of my spiritual path – or awakening – until I met the woman with the deep clear blue eyes on sneakers. Those eyes you can sink into. I haven’t met anyone with eyes like her. I am guessing she is around fifty years old, but she looks younger. Probably because of her long blond hair. Which she has not cut short like many of her peers, but instead hers moves nicely loose up and down her shoulders. 

Ever Thought About Ayahuasca?

Ever Thought About Ayahuasca?

NOTE FROM THE WRITER: This is a story that is not like most stories in or about "daily" life, but that does not mean this taught me a lot (as it will for you). Whether the things I see are true or not. That does not matter. I've finally decided. I'm going to drink...

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