During an Ayahuasca-voyage Female Flame came to Marleen, the founder of Female Flame. In this journey she remembered a ‘forgotten’ memory that her parents’ house was on fire.  

The Story of Female Flame

I was ten and sitting in the bath. My mom came and told me the house was on fire. She wrapped a towel around me and guided me to the garden. We were living in the countryside and the whole neighbourhood was already in the garden. On their bikes or with the car.

The firemen were busy with their tools to stop the fire from burning out of the chimney. They were afraid that the fire might spread if the chimney exploded—that frightened me back then. Solely the word ‘explode’.

In the end the fire was put out, and we were able to get back to our own beds safely…

Maybe you’ve heard that when you don’t deal with your trauma in your life, big or small, things stay in your body. That happened to me with this fire. Nobody, not my parents, brother, friends or family, ever talked about the fire again. Not even the next day.

I forgot until I was 33 years old. I stored it for more than 23 years in my body until I had my second Ayahuasca- voyage. It scared me at first and I cried as I never had before, but then the fire changed into fire in myself. I was holding myself back. I could feel my feminine side and wanted more than ever to embrace that part of me.

The fire became my power: my spirit, my flame, my strength in life. My inspiration to write, to inspire, to follow my dreams and to believe that I can live my dreams. I thought for a long time I couldn’t live the life of my dreams, but now I’m doing just that.

I was looking at all the other beautiful women in the room and knew we had more potential in us. It’s time. 

Then the name came to me: Female Flame. It’s the fire in me and in you. The flame that might be weak right now, but is ready to start ‘get on fire’ for real.

Because when we all use our power, our full potential, we can change the world.

XOXO Marleen

Founder Female Flame

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